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By allowing Boykin & Davis, LLC to conduct workplace investigations, organizations can eliminate actual and perceived conflicts of interest, bring fresh eyes to the situation, and help employers arrive at tangible and permanent solutions where problems exist. Our investigations, when done primarily for legal advice, are confidential. However, if used for a purpose beyond legal advice, the investigation may not remain confidential. Nevertheless, an outside investigation may be the best option for sensitive allegations of sexual harassment, workplace violence, discrimination, theft and other matters involving allegations of employee misconduct. In performance workplace investigations Boykin & Davis, LLC will:

  • Remove supervisory employees from the investigative process so that ongoing employee relationships can be maintained;
  • Help employers avoid actual or perceived conflicts of interest;
  • Provide unbiased, factual, accurate and independent reports which allow employers to make informed decisions;
  • Evaluate and apply legal and business principles; and
  • Thoroughly and impartially evaluate witnesses and other information during the investigation.


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