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The law office of Boykin & Davis can provide your Board, organization, and administrative personnel with the most current and comprehensive information on a variety of topics. The following are just some of the topics on which we can provide workshops and training to help participants gain confidence, and provide the information, skills, knowledge, and tools needed to optimally perform their respective roles within the organization to help you make a worthwhile impact and contribution to your community/organization.

Administration and Staff

  • Student Discipline
  • Anti- Harassment
  • Discrimination Training
  • Off-Campus Speech: School Disruption
  • Working With Marginal Teachers (To Improve or Remove)
  • The Family Education Rights And Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Transgender and Gender Identity in Schools
  • Pleasant Personnel: Improving the Workplace, One Employee at a Time
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act & Family Medical Leave Act
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act: Wage and Hour Critical Issues
  • Navigating Termination of Employment Involving: FMLA; ADA; Workers Comp
  • Privacy In The Educational Environment
  • The District’s Role in Addressing Bullying And Harassment
  • No Petting: Identifying and Regulating Student Service Animal Needs
  • What’s That Smell: Combating Drug Abuse in the School Environment
  • The Role of School Resource Officers (RSO)
  • Substitute Teacher Training
  • Title IX
  • Title IX And Athletics
  • Religion In Public Schools
  • ADA
  • FMLA
  • FLSA
  • Student with Disabilities: IDEA; Section 504
  • Handling Requests for Information
  • Overseeing Progress at The Individual Level
  • Record-Keeping Principles
  • New Teacher Orientation


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